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Hi! I'm Dylan!

I have been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner since 2019. I received my massage education through Laurel Business Institute (now Laurel College of Technology) in Morgantown West Virginia, where I finished the program as Valedictorian of my class. In my work, I am known for my deep pressure, therapeutic approach, affinity for cupping therapy, and detailed work on the neck and glutes/hips.

I have a passion for the human body that I let exude itself in my never-ending pursuit of knowledge. I am currently enrolled as a full-time student at Arizona State University, where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health. In addition to my enrollment in university, I am also partaking in Yoga Teacher Training through Yogamu and a Past Life Soul Regression training facilitated by Dr. Linda Backman. My career goals are to completely immerse myself as a lifetime student in a variety of Traditional healing modalities. In doing so I hope to offer knowledge and practices to ease pain and illness in my clients, offer education on the validity of these practices, and give tribute to honor the cultures that founded these modalities.

In my personal life my world revolves around my Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix, Nebula. I am a huge advocate of outside time and try to find myself lost in the woods whenever I can. I enjoy nurturing plants and fish, mindfully moving, and cooking as forms of a down shift.